Cherry Phone


The Smart Phone doesn't want to be just Smart anymore.

Since the appearance of the first Cell Phone many items and design aspect of both software and functions increased along the time the capacity of a such little machine. In 2003 I made the first practical design study, trying to determine the possible evolution of Cell Phones in that future. My idea was to radically change the concept and the design of those little portable electronic telephones, provided only of a small keyboard - which occupy half the front surface of the device - while the other lower half was made with a little screen providing of basic information.
I thought then, that something more had to be done, replacing both the screen and the keyboard with a single wide glass display, having tactile functions which would work as keyboards and as main screen at the same time. In those past years there were already on the market little poket computers, provided of a little pen to control functions thanks to their front touch screen already existing in the early 2000's. So the technology was already there waiting for a new application to coming soon.

I did believe also that something more had to be done in order to get a nice object that was not just an electronic pocket box, but rather something different, enough away from common standards. In 2003/04 I issued a series of projects named Biscotto. My main goal was to develop a "female" as well a "male" line of Multifunction Cell Phones (MCP) today called Smart Phones having as main technology a tactile screen and a finger pod for menù navigation.
The goal to achieve came out basically from a very elementary question: Why not give a sex genre to an object like a Cell Phone, as well making the front side available space dedicated exclusively to a sort of tactile screen removing the mechanical keybord?

Fashion and Cell Phone

For centuries we had beautiful examples - particularly in the fashion world - of items designed exclusively either for woman or man. Think about spectacles, shoes, clothes, jewelry even cars; everything has some kind of sex shade in its own design, but there is no sign of even a remarking line about that concept on Smart Phone.
Cell phones have been always neutral by this point of view. One of the most interestng aspect about the use of Smart Phone is the way women and man manipulate these electronic devices; they do it in a complete different way. There are also commercial implications, which would make a product like this addressed to a potential new buyers whom are look for something new rather than a common nowdays tile-like device.

In 2004 - despite my efforts to get the attention on my projects - probably because the time was unfortunately not friendly to the way I was looking at the world - and despite my new proposal and since I got not even a succesful responce from companies like Nokia to which I did attempt a cooperative but unsuccesful approach, which took me finally to decided to resign about my projects waiting for better times to come.

In 2007 Apple issued the first Smart tactile phone provided of differential functions which they called Apps.
From that instant all the major brands made their own Smart Phone reproducing in a way or another the IPhone concept. Today many brand issue every year new model based on a sort of tile-look-like device and differences among them are very small, or even invisible, indeed If we try to look at our Smart Phone we may notice that after all they look almost all the same despite their brand. Furthermore they are quite neutral in the sex concept, they are also all squared, and the only visible difference is represented by the trade mark on the main body. In the world of Smart Phone there are just three operative systems, which have exactly the same identical functions and of which I do think they are already pretty much obsolete. In other words what I'm trying to demonstrate here is that the Smart Phone design as well its software is basically stuck in a sort of swamp. Something new should be done!

Male and Female S-phone

In 2015 I dusted off my"old" idea about smart phone, keeping alive some aspect of the original 2004's design, but rebuilding at the same time a more up-dated concept, to develop a brand new vision of the meaning of what a Smart Phone should really look like in our present time.
I designed two basic Smart Phone's lines, one for Woman and the other for Man, starting from the Biscotto line (2004), but introducing a refreshing design and some new up-dated items.

This new line designed between 2015 and 2016 is named Cherry. The most important model that represent my point of view about SPhone designed for women, is represented by the model I named Ovale di Donna (Woman's Oval) and Goccia di Donna (Woman's Drop). I do not really appreciate serial numers; I rather prefer to use a good-sound name to represent my models. Actually there are three more models of this series, however those two mentioned above represent exactly the image of the "meaning" of my message, concerning a Female Smart Phone. As above have been already clearly said, indeed woman have a different way to interact with her S-Phone. Women are strictly belonged to their electronic diary; that machine isn't just a communicator, is also the box of secrets and writing and shoting pictures are among the most passionate activities women like to do with their S-Phone.
I believe that a new item for the elegant and beautiful tapered hands of women have to be design. In 2004 as part of Biscotto's line, there were some models having exactly the same name of the contemporary ones, based on the same concept I'm still promoting today, becasue the idea is still there pretty much alive. Making an object elegant and smooth, pretty flat, and having the screen trimmed exactly along the same shape of the body was impossible in 2004. There was no technology which allowed me to conceive a such intriguing as well weird device having an oval or whatever shaped screen like.

The bigger difference between then and now is the new screen, which covers the entire front surface of the S-Phone, with smooth edge. In other words, there is no reason to be confined in the basic squared rectangular screen. We can play with the shapes and contour of a S-Phone taking the advantage of the nowdays technology that allow us to design a brand new object, having a different shape rather than a little tile, renewing the contest with revolutionary products that nobody ever thought existed before.
Designing an object is an intense activity of the Arts, and one of my main goal is to design objects that have a sort of soul inside themself, rather than be just the latest brand new tile-model issued on the market.


The size of all the models, reflect the standard of 14 cm long and 7 cm wide (at the maximum radius). They are in any case very thin, being not more than 7/9 mm thick. (Size and dimension can be different accordin with the market requirements). The body of the devices is mainly made of plastic and covered with a metal shell, particularly in the female versions, where metal is mostly polished and reflective. The smooth shape of the item itself isn't enough for me to make these devices unique, something more is part of the main idea than just an elegant contour which contains a complex electronic device.

I moved both Microphone and Earphone on the back of the device, leaving the front side clear, dedicate to the main screen and the front camera. However once the user answer to the incoming call, the S-Phone's screen freeze-up becoming just a mirror, protecting the privacy and avoid unwilling activation of funtions on the main screen. On the back side there is a High Resolution Camera, provided of a 24Mpixel sensor. A special multifunction pad is settled on the back, and light ellipses or oval rings become bright by multicolor LED indicating the position of the device, but also to show visually an incoming call, or finally working as a nice light game when the Phone is weared as a sort of necklace, in a discoteque or in a party. Indeed a special application - among many functions available - allows Cherry S-Phone to send and receive messages optically, or transfer optical data thanks to the light rings on the back and a special optical comunication app which use the back camera as light sensor.
Along the edge of the S-Phones there is just a little multifunction key and two stereo/microphone speakers.
The Screen can be curved or even having a special contour, in brief not necessarly be squared or perfectly flat as usual. One interesting aspect about these projects is the Dinamic Glass, which is capable to became a sort of mirror when the device is intentionally put in stand-by mode.
This application could be very useful for women since they are very kind with themself. Having a portable mirror in the pocket, which works aslo as "comunicator" would be an interesting news and an actractive reason to buy it.


Managing the screen is very easy and a brand new interface is conceived for such device.
Since the main screen covers the entire surface, a sort of invisible frame goes all around the screen, it is wide almost 5mm and it can't be activated by the finger. This is very important because the frame freeze any undesired activation of the screen while manipulating the device, unless the finger tip moves toward the center of the screen behond the invisible frame.
Right below at the center of gravity of the device there is a Multifunction finger pad, (MFP) very useful for selfies and other applications. The pad can be programmed to control many functions, working as both camera button to the control of camera setting, activating the receving call, telephone freezing and finger-print reader. Updating the software will give the users more function to be associated to the MFP.
It is also the magnetic connection for the Tower pod, which is a sort of induction battery-charger and a multi media device. Once the Cherry get on the Tower pod - standing up by magnetic attraction - the device get connected with the tower which became a sort of main-cell that allows communication with all the domestic devices, from the house items, to the TV, to the stereo system etc. Everything can be controlled through the S-Phone and the Tower pod.

All the Cherry series are provided of a high resolution Earphone and Microphone for a very real sound experience. They are both settled on the back of the body (only female versions). Furthermore in all models there are two stereospeakers along the edge of left side, which include also two high quality microphones for live audio/video recording.
Camera can record Video at least at 4k resolution or capturing pictures with its 24Mpxl sensor, the main camera is also provided of a special optical zoom that allow to shot both images and video at a high professional level. The front camera instead has a resolution of 12 Mpxl. However those techs data can vary according with the market demand at the time of the production.

All Cherries are completely jack-less, no mechanical connection for battery charger, no jacks for remote earphones. The body of the S-Phone is simply smooth with no interruptions, holes or whatever that makes it different from any other Smart-Phone.


After considered the design as well the genres - male and female - its time to face with some of the most important aspect of this type of device.
We are already almost all familiar with Operative Systems which our Smart Phone is provided of, and we know that there are three different OS on the market, the Apple OS, Android and finally Window OS which is the one I do prefer, whatever they do the same job even though not compatible at all among them or in most of the case unable to comunicate to each other eventually due to the adoption of different protocols.

Whichever is the case we are talking about of Apple I-Phone OS or Android - or Windows we are always playing with icons which represent applications, laying on a flat bidimensional plane and because of this (and not only) I don't find any impressive difference among them. There are rather some question coming into my mind.
There are many aspect that make us pretty much wonder about these OS - whichever is your preferred one - is there some inexplicable reasons of why we collect so many icons on the desktop, which are covering our prefered picture that we use as back ground. Why that?
Why all the OS are based on a 2 dimension sliding pages if we could do differently?
Why there are three different OS though they looks absolutely identical, working exactly in the same way? and so on...


In 2017 my partner in these projects Mr Paco Nucci introduced these project and the concepts belonged to the Cherry's S-Phone at the University of Eastern Finland in Kuopio in order to open the possibility to develope a brand new Operative System as described over here. The presentation of the concept in Finland was succesful but once again Nokia didn't pay enough attention to the matter. In my renderings I based my idea using Windows icon graphics representing an interesting OS, but actually I do image a brand new OS that must be compatible to at least any other OS, but at the same time be quite different from them; having a 3D interface that remind a sort of virtual Rubik's Cube which works on a holographic screen.
The CUbe (This is the name I gave to the interface) can be called at wish at the center of the screen thanks to a little icon settled in the lover corner of the display, after reccall the CUbe you can rotate it as you like, setting any of the 3X3, 4X4, 6X6 or 8X8 icons on each face, adding the a number or a name on the tiles as you prefer which represents the apps you have on your device.

You can assign to each side of the CUbe all the apps that have functions in common. For example you can make a face of the cube inserting all the apps icons that are related with image editing, therefore Gallery, Camera, Photo Editor, Video etc. Doing so will be easy for you turning the cube to the right face to get everything about picture and video. As default the cube become very small and moves somewhere in a corner of the screen if any futher operation is not done on the screen for a short time or it may be completely disappearing leaving the picture of your Cat standing there looking at you, with no icons covering anymore the left eye or the nose of the little tiger. That's cool, isn't!

All Cherries goes in Mirror stand-by mode after a certain amount of time, and you can wake it up just tapping you finger twice on the screen, so the main screen will soon appear exactly like in the picture above easy and comfortable, since there is no key to press to reactivate the screen.
CUbe can emulate any type of OS like Android, Windows or any other which reflect this politics, thanks to a sort of emulator. So every application you need from Android or Win source will work exactly in the same way as it does for its original designed purpose.
What we are talking about is to re-design a brand new OS but being compatible with any other OS available on the market, working on a common protocol. With the time many developer will dedicated apps exclusively for CUbe having basically a 3D interface and possibly the holographic screen.
I like to think about an open source Operative System , where anybody can contribute to improve it, introducing new resources with the time, but satisfying our consumer whom will feel comfortable of using our device since the beginning.

Cherry Uomo

Men have a different way to look at the world, and they use Smart Phone in a more simple way than women. I've took in account also the style and the requirements men are always searching in a good S-Phone.
I may say that design two different line wasn't a joke at all, it has been rather tough for me. However in the case of the male line things seem to be less complex.
As well as for the female series, we also developed five models addressed to the man's market. The name I choose for this models remind elegant man's dress, like Smoking, or Blazer which are two of the model represented here.


In this case I like to point out your attention to the flexibility of the Oled screen which can be curved as we wish, following the line of the object as well the contour. So Blazer is simply curved up, while Smoking is curved down on both side.
The male line differently by the female ones keep the traditions still alive, maintaining both microphone and earphone on the front side, however in some cases the screen can be trimmed differently according with the model. On the Blazer there are two sharpen corner and two curved, and the screen covers more than 95% of the front surface of the device.
A thin red line surrounding the edge of the object is smoothly lighted up during stand-by mode or flashing when there is an incoming call. As well as all the other model the device is provided of two speakers and two microphone settled along the left edge, while a multifunction key is placed on the upper side of the right edge.

On the back surface of both device there is the main camera provided of a 32Mpxl sensor (or a different sensor size according to the market requirements) and a MFP which works exactly in the same way as for the Female series, being a multifunction key as well working as the connection for the Tower pod.

The main camera is provided of a special compact zoom system, which allow to get professional photo and videos. There is a special lens capable to chage its size according to a small electric current that change its shape, there is no such technology available nowdays, however I'm sure that not far from now something like this will be developed and used in many application in robotics for example as artificial mussle.

Smoking Uomo is very compact and thin. LED are placed on the top and at the bottom of the body, partially hidden in a sort of ellipse slotting. Differently by the women's model, those for men are designed with metal opaque shells, and colors are less brilliants, reminding the shades that man like to wear up.


Smart Phones became the most personal object of our time, there are more than 4 bilions of cell phone and smart phones on the planet (2016). We all posses at least one and it is difficult think about a world without them.
People work with it, play, even having love affair through this sophisticated device, some people are capable to produce artistic with video and astonishing picturer. We communicate our sensation and disappointments on the net using S-Phone, confirming that thay are after all part of the world and of the digital contest.
However it seems that this device get stocked on the shore after a long navigation. Today the market and the general industry doesn't stimulate the evolution of this device anymore, it seem that we get to the terminus station of the evolution for Smart Phone.
I believe that a new revolution can occur giving new propulsion to this object of our time, with brand new ideas addressed to three main point, new design, new technology and new software according with our time off course, but also looking forward.
The description of Cherry S-Phone concept have been exposed over here in the form of basic information. Actually there is a lot more in this idea, and I do hope to have once again the chance to develop more projects, since I believe that now more than ever we are perfectly fitted in the right time for that.

Gino D'Ignazio