Some years ago (March 2006), while I was storing some of my music stuff in a reasonable order, checking among hold CDs, tapes, and LP, standing there looking carefull to the covers, the graphics of those beautiful pictures, exploring this old stuff of mine, listening some of those old recordings reminding me about all that favourites music I used to listen for many years since I was very young, I realized that if I could find the right formula I would do something to "re-promote" those melodies again, that after all weren't part only of my young heritage.

One day while working on some black and white pictures, having Al Jarreau as "back ground" I figured out - thinking about photography - how to make a sort of black&white picture in a musical form without prejudice of genres and style diging back in the last 50 years.
I though that I could let the acoustic bass playing the darkness sound, remarking the black shadow of a B&W audio picture, while the piano would paint all middle tones in between and finally the saxophones remarking both the contours as well any available light spots.
I could explore any landscape, focusing on any subject with my hold black and white virtual-acoustic-camera, like those old manual reflex. So I started experimenting through the best software I could find in order to get the desired acoustic result, working with piano and acoustic bass samples.
Time helped me, insisting on my idea, giving all my best, experimenting, assembling step by step each single audiotrack in order to prove that arrangements might work, mantaining the same basic groove tension and also the melody and the harmonization belonged to the original composition that later I would play, but giving tham a wooden groovy sound as a new value with no loss of power