Designing the sound

My main activity in the design world has always been mainly addressed to the aeronautical sector, however I have also experimented through other paths like design electronic equipment or high tech devices of any kind, trying to dress them at their best, building a tailored suit keeping always myself strictly to reality, considering the possible developments of technologies still being tested, trying to predict - when possible - their evolution.

One of the areas that attracts my attention is that of sound production, moreover being a musician I could not escape by the observation of what is the world of audio diffusion. For some years now, small speakers with wireless connection have been on the market, some of fair quality, but for the most part, we may talk of small integrated devices, especially portable ones of commercial success.

Sound evolution

Unfortunately, the old and fascinating world of Hi Fi that accompanied a good part of my youth, with those beautiful shops full of amplifiers, speakers, plates and tape recorder, has almost completely disappeared, perhaps forever. However, these classic music reproduction systems have followed their own evolution becoming integrated with the possibility of being connected to cellphones, tablets or computers that are often connected to amplified speakers.

So I thought of mixing together classic with modern technology by developing multichannel wireless audio systems, often applying aerodynamics to the mechanics of sound to improve performance. The devices I am going to introduce are completely wireless, and only in some models both optical and analog connections are also available, obviously the basic principle is that it is possible to connect any fourth generation Bluethoot device in order to listen to music at an excellent quality level, associating the sound with an elegant form that can itself represent a sort of sculpture, to be perfectly integrated into a personal environment such as a living room, a lounge or other environment.

The models shown here have been designed taking into consideration space requirements, sound quality, and ease of use of an integrated system that is also pleasant to see.
The materials used for the design of these speakers are varied, ranging from plastic such as vinyl, ABS, wood, carbon fiber, resins and even some metal components. Each speaker is stereo and is equipped with an integrated sub woofer. The speakers are often hidden or partially visible and in some cases it seems difficult to guess from the design the function of the object which remains an audio speaker even with its misterious or uncommond shape. Some models are equipped with an integrated 512 GB SSD, where you can upload all of your music via PC or other device without necessarily being tied to a network connection; personally I like to own the music that I love rather than always listening it via network.

The projects currently developed are over forty different models that include various technologies and combinations, including multiple speakers. Some of these models are visible in this part of the site while others remain in my archives, however in the detailed descriptions of each of the four pubblished on this site you can easily understand their operation and use and the flexibility of each design, maybe you may have a preference for one or more models. To explore the gallery of models available on the site Click on the picture to go to the model gallery.

  ©Gino D'Ignazio Gizio